New singles and video

Exciting news!!! Over the last few weeks I have been filming a music video for my single "Evil eyes" which was released late last year. Shooting the video took place over two days and was completed on the 5th of March. It was a bit of a challenge shooting the video as we had to try and shoot on dry days which became quite difficult due to all the storms that we have recently had, it even started raining during filming so unfortunately we had to call it a day for that session. As the song was inspired by the TV program "Silent Witness" the video had to be rather dark in order to portray the mood of the song correctly in the video, this meant that we had to wait until it was getting dark so we didn't start shooting until around 6pm. As great as the video will look once completed filming at night was somewhat challenging as it was freezing cold so it was really hard at times to concentrate through the chattering of my teeth, although we did have a lot of fun with some good laughs as people were stopping and asking what we were doing or driving slowly past in their cars and staring at us but that could be due to the random girl singing and playing a guitar whilst walking down an alley with some flashing blue lights a the bottom. Filming my first music video has been an incredible experience and I can't wait to do it all over again at some point in the future. The video will be coming out around the same time as my two new singles "Your Heart" and "Cysga'n Dawel" which will be out on the 16th of March. "Your Heart" is a song about finding that special someone that you love dearly and can rely on to be there through thick and thin, that one person that can pick you up and make you smile when you're feeling down. My welsh language song "Cysga'n dawel" is completely different to "Your Heart" as it is a song about a homeless child that's sleeping rough on the street. Although this sounds like a really sad song it's actually about the child being able to sleep peacefully because their time to succeed is coming and there are better days on the horizon.

Even though it has been a hectic few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed making the video and recording my two new singles and I am extremely pleased with the way that they both turned out.