New single "Evil Eyes"

On the 1st of December I released my latest single "Evil Eyes". I wrote the song about the TV program "Silent Witness" and as it was based on that program the song is from the perspective of a murderer who thinks they've gotten away with it. This person is so convinced that he is stealthy and can easily hide in the shadows that they believe that they are untouchable which is not the truth and they will eventually make a mistake and get caught. The song was recorded at Sonic One Studio in Llangennech with Tim Hamill which is where I record all of my songs. I have recently decided to create a video to go with the song so I'm hoping that I will be able to make one by the end of this year or the beginning of the new year. The video will be made based on the lyrics of the song so it will be a relatively dark video but not too dark. When and if the video is made I will be sharing and posting it on all of my social media pages so keep an eye out for further updates.